Hazel Burton a Metaphysical Minister is a mentor in her field, for the last fifteen years she has been working closely with her clients providing for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Allowing them to create the life style they had only dared to dream, now they are living it.

As your Life Coach she will help you work through whatever is stopping you from living the life you desire/deserve, while assisting you in discovering hidden aspects of yourself. 

If you are ready to let go of self sabotage, low self esteem, not putting your self first, and your stresses. THEN you are ready to get started on Co- Creating your New You and New Life. 

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We will work together, we both make sure you stay on track. When needed we may dig deeper to discover the root reason for coaching.  Allowing you to build upon your natural skills deepening your strengths, intuition, trust and self-acceptance. When your achieve your own desired result. you have also learned:

                # Making stronger deeper connections with the important people in your life

                # Being more confident and positive in your own abilities and skills

                # Feel good about yourself and trust your own decisions

                # Have loving relationships

                # Be able to accept what you can't change and move on

                # Personal growth for yourself, for your work, for a better life

                # To know your self, your needs and your desires

                # To live your passion

                # Grow spiritually, know yourself at a deeper level

                # Gain your confidence back and go for your dream

                # Learn how to make good choices for you

                # Know your worth and put yourself first to gain your life back

                # START here by taking the next step to where you need to go,

                         Click here.................  hazelfulfillyourdreams@gmail.com 

                       how to make better choices that serve your best self –            

              how to continue to communicate your new beliefs and way of Life, 

           how to move forward with a positive mind set continuing making good decisions.

                                      how to keep co-creating the life you deserve

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about metaphysical life coaching and what it can personally do for you, with no pressure. I know for myself I have to feel that the person I am working with gets me, and  what they are offering is what I am looking for.

 Whether you sign up for a coaching program or not, I hope you have enjoyed my site. 

                                                Look forward to our chat. 


                               Click here................ .. hazelfulfillyourdreams@gmail.com   


          Hazel E. Burton B.M.Sc

        Minister of Metaphysical Science
         Metaphysical Teacher/Mentor
              Intuitive Consultant
      Metaphysical Life Coaching C.C.P.
         Hypnosis Therapist C.C.H.P.
        Gendai Reiki-Ho Master
         Holistic Practitioner

.I am passionate about coaching and provide a space for you to create a life you Love