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  Supports You In Creating Satisfying Fulfilling Results 



                            PERSONAL GROWTH


                             SPIRITUAL GROWTH


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   Supports You In Creating Satisfying Fulfilling Results        


 Rev. Hazel Burton is a mentor in her field, for the last fifteen years she has been working closely with her clients providing for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.  She offers you an opportunity to tap into your unleashed potential in her Metaphysical Life Coaching Programs which are individually designed to support you in attaining your specific goals to achieve your specific goal. She feels a happy life is about fulfilling your goals, dreams, big and small. 

Hazel believes there are pivotal times in our lives when each one of us needs a helping hand along the way. She knows it is an investment of your time and money and her focus is to be clear on your personal goals along with your desired outcome. From all your information a coaching package is created using a step by step process to address any underlying  fears, doubts or anxieties that are stopping you from being Your Desired Outcome. Over the weeks will have gained techniques and or abilities allowing your better self to emerge.

She likes to call the programs practical road maps for your personal journey of going deeper within; awakening yourself to your hidden skills and strengths. The journey can be one of deep self-discovery and personal growth, improving your quality of life, motivating and inspiring you to be more of who you really are and allowing you to stand out.  

Choosing to make changes in your life takes courage, discipline and focus, the reward is the ability to walk (or drive!) through your personal journey of change or transformation; taking the path to inner peace, wholeness and success. 

Rev. Hazel's Metaphysical Life Coaching Programs can help you set your goals and desires into result-focused techniques and strategies, taking you step-by-step to where you need to go. This will assist you on identifying obstacles and limiting beliefs, while helping you to let go of the old, out-dated version of you. Your progress will be monitored throughout and any adjustments made according to those will be implemented as and when throughout your coaching course. The intention is build upon your own natural skills and strengths, intuition, trust and self-acceptance. As well as achieving your own desired result you will have accomplished how to make great choices that serve you very well –            

                        how to steer yourself in alignment with your new beliefs, 

           how to continue to move forward in positive, healthy and highly rewarding ways. 

Clients use the tailored programs to make changes confidently, feeling self-assured and deserving of the best life has to offer. They come to feel positive about the journey of change and are able to make stronger and deeper connections with the important people in their lives.

 Rev. Hazel will suggest which one of her Metaphysical Life Coaching Programs will suit your needs best, via initial consultation and a questionnaire she has developed to monitor progress.

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about metaphysical coaching and what it can personally do for you, with no pressure. I know for myself I have to feel that the person I am working with gets me, and that what they are offering is what I am looking for. Whether you sign up for a coaching program or not, I hope you have enjoyed my site.  Look forward to our chat. 



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MONDAY to FRIDAY 7pm to 8.30pm 

           Metaphysical Life Coaching supports you in creating satisfying fulfilling results


 Hazel Burton Metaphysical Minister

             Hazel E. Burton B.M.Sc.
      Minister of Metaphysical Science
         Metaphysical Teacher/Mentor
         Metaphysical Coaching C.C.P.
         Hypnosis Therapist C.C.H.P.
        Gendai Reiki-Ho Master
         Holistic Practitioner

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